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The Ultimate Guide to Sleep Consultants

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Every new mom knows how difficult it can be to get your baby to sleep through the night and in those first few months, every moment of rest is invaluable. But despite our best efforts, sometimes we still find ourselves facing restless nights, multiple wake-up calls, and inconsistent sleep patterns. So what can you do when you feel like you’ve tried everything? This is where a sleep consultant can help.

Sleep consultants work with you and your family to understand what’s going right and what’s going wrong. Some of the most common sleep issues parents face include struggling with naps, waking in the night, nightmares, and tantrums at bedtime and it can be difficult to know what to do. A good sleep consultant will work with you to understand the root of the problem and help you build a plan to help you get your sleep back.

But where do you start with finding a sleep consultant and understanding sleep training? This is my ultimate guide to sleep consultants. 

The benefits of hiring a sleep consultant 

Get a personal approach

Babies are all so different and no two babies will have the same sleep needs! What works for one baby may have the opposite effect on another. When we rely on books and other sources of information, the answers we get can be very generic and may not help your little one. 

By hiring a sleep consultant, you can benefit from a personalized approach tailored to your sleep issues. You can spend time discussing the issues you’re facing and get a specific, unique plan written just for you. These plans can be adapted while you work alongside your sleep consultant to get the right routine in place.

Develop healthy, lifelong habits

The sleeping habits we develop as children carry us through life and can make a big difference in our ability to sleep well as an adult. If your child struggles with sleeping through the night now, this could get worse as they grow up. 

By investing in a professional sleep consultant, you’re setting your baby up for success for life. Sleep habits stay with us for life so developing good habits from a young age means your child will carry these habits throughout their life, making this a lifelong investment.

Build your village

We all know it takes a village to raise a baby- but how do you actually get that village? Having a group of people you can trust for support and understanding is invaluable to any new parents. But it can be hard as a new mom to find people to connect with, trust and depend on.

By finding a sleep consultant you can trust and get on with, you have someone you can refer back to for any sleep-related questions and worries. Many sleep consultants offer training for a range of ages so you can develop your working relationship as your child grows. 

Take back more time for yourself

In those first few months of being a parent, having any time for yourself is hard to come by. Getting enough sleep can also be hard, especially for moms who are feeding. So there’s nothing worse than some well-deserved me-time being disturbed by struggles with nap time or a later night.

Investing in sleep training and working with a sleep consultant means you can help your baby get more sleep and in turn help yourself. The more time your little one spends asleep, the more time you have to rest and indulge in your own self-care. Investing in sleep training is investing in your own mental wellbeing!

Finding the right sleep consultant for you

Decide on a budget

The deciding factor for a lot of families will be the available budget to spend. Whilst sleep training is an investment, it can be a costly service and knowing what budget you have available will influence who you work with. 

Sleep consultants range in terms of pricing and there may be different tiers of packages you can choose from to match your needs. Once you’ve set a budget, you can whittle out any over-budget options. 

Make notes on the main issues you’re having 

Sleep issues can vary from waking up early to struggling to implement a consistent nap time. Different children have different needs and respond differently to different methods. Taking notes on any methods you’ve tried so far, current sleeping plans or any success stories can help you understand your needs better.

Once you understand what you’re looking for, it’s easier to find. Every sleep consultant is different and may specialize in different areas of sleep training. Finding the right consultant and methods for your family can be the difference between a successful sleep plan and an unsuccessful one.

Ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations 

One of the best ways to get an honest review is by asking people you know. Recommendations and reviews are the best way to know who you can trust in the sleep training industry. Your family and friends with kids may have had difficulties with sleeping in the past - so who better than them to ask for recommendations? 

If you don’t know anyone personally, local Facebook groups can be a way to connect with other moms and find out who they would recommend for sleep training. If you’re looking for in-home training, they can help with people in the local area who can provide training at home.

Book a few assessment calls

It can be hard to know whether someone’s approach will be the right one for you without a conversation. Different sleep consultants will have different approaches and styles and this can be hard to pick up on through social media or a website. It’s important to make sure you and your consultant gel.

Most sleep consultants will offer a short, free assessment call so you can meet and get to know each other. These calls are centered around discussing your sleep issues and figuring out how to work together so you can get a real feel for who is best for you.

Ask about qualifications

Not all sleep consultants have actual qualifications! Sleep training is not a protected industry so there are no requirements to undertake any real training. It’s important if you’re trusting someone with your family to make sure they have the experience and training you need.

Asking a potential consultant if they have any qualifications in sleep training can help you rule out any who aren’t experienced enough for your family. For example, consultants such as myself who are officially certified by the Family Sleep Institute provide a more educated approach.

The role of a sleep consultant in sleep training 

Provide sleep training expertise

For many newborn moms, sleep training is an entirely new concept. Trying to understand how to help your baby get the rest they need while you’re not getting the rest you need is hard. It can also be difficult to tell what information is trustworthy and likely to work.

This is the first way your sleep consultant will help you with sleep training. Most sleep consultants provide a course or guide to help you understand sleep training and the science behind it. Many sleep training packages come in tiers and some, such as the Your Zen Baby Sleep packages include personalized sleep programs for your family's needs.

Help with sleep tracking 

The only way to see how much progress you’re making is through tracking! It’s so important as your baby continues sleep training to follow their growth and reflect on how successful you’ve been. Without celebrating these milestones, it can be easy to lose confidence and motivation to keep going.

Many sleep consultants will help you develop a tracking system and help you track your baby as part of your sleep training plans. Tracking can also help your sleep consultant see where there are areas for improvement to help you get the most from your program.

Develop a bespoke sleep plan

Developing a bedtime and sleeping routine with a newborn can be hard, especially if this is your first. Finding a routine that works for your family and helps you all get the most out of evenings is the key to success and regaining your peace. But where do you start with developing a plan or routine?

This is where your sleep consultant comes in. Each sleep training package comes with a tailored, bespoke sleep plan to help make bedtimes easier and quieter. These plans can be implemented with your sleep consultant on hand so they can support you with any questions or queries you may have.

Personalized one-on-one support

Sometimes, one of the hardest things about being a new parent is the lack of confidence you may have at first. When you don’t know the answer to a question or you just want to check something, it can be hard to know who to ask - especially if you end up getting conflicting answers from different people.

Your sleep consultant is there to support and guide you and help you feel your most confident as a parent. All sleep consultants will offer a form of individual support either through calls, texts, or email so you can always ask an expert. Some consultants even offer in-home support for the most personal approach - contact me if you’re in New Jersey! This can help you get to grips with the basics with someone there to hold your hand.

In-home sleep training support

Whilst the virtual world of working and learning is great, sometimes issues can only be resolved face-to-face. Whether it’s to show you something physically, see the real sleeping environment, or just because you find it easier, sometimes in-home support is the best option.

Many sleep consultants offer some form of in-home sleep training to support you in the comfort of your own home. For in-home support, you’ll need to find a sleep consultant within your area to reduce any potential traveling costs. If you’re based in New Jersey, I can help!


Finding the right sleep consultant for you can seem daunting but the best way to get started is by just getting started! Book a free assessment call with me to understand your problems, concerns, and questions and get to know each other. I can help you achieve your sleep training goals with personalized support along the way.

Ready to get started? Working with a sleep consultant can be a life-changing decision and can help you get the rest and peace you deserve. Take control of your life and work with me in New Jersey today.

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