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baby's room in a family home
Tried sleep training but need more support?

Get In-Home Sleep Training Near Me!

Check out my home visit packages 

New Jersey Based Sleep Consultant Offering Home Visits Within 30 Miles of Zip Code 07068

Professional advice & support in comfortable surroundings


Are you tired of being a sleep-deprived parent?


Do you dread bedtime because you know it will be a long night? Do you feel like you're doing something wrong?

If so, you're not alone. Many New Jersey parents struggle with sleep issues. But there is help available.

I'm a certified pediatric sleep consultant, and I can help you get your child sleeping through the night.


I offer in-home consultations right here in NJ so that I can get to know your child and their individual needs. I will work with you to create a sleep plan that is tailored to your family.

I understand that sleep training can be challenging, but I'm here to support you every step of the way. I will be available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer emotional support.

I know that you can get your child sleeping through the night. With my help, you can finally get the rest you need and deserve.

Check out my in-home packages below or book a free call to learn more about the process of in-home sleep training.

Sarah Bossio - Certified infant sleep consultant
Trusted By other New Jersey Experts:
Montclair BABY - advocates for birth, breastfeeding and Yoga
Recommended by Midwives of New Jersey
Recommended by Nuheights Pediatrics
Recommended by Saint Peter's University Hospital
In-Home Sleep Support for Children of All Ages!
Babys crib


Does your child’s bedtime give you anxiety? Do you dread the unpredictability of the night ahead? What if you had someone to hold your hand during bedtime on the first night of sleep training? Allow me to support and guide you through that first night and then continue to get your child’s nights and naps in order over the course of 3 weeks. 

  • Personalized sleep program

  • Live 60-minute sleep program review call

  • In-home bedtime support on Night 1 (6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.)

  • Sleep log tracking for naps, bedtimes, and overnights

  • 3 (20-minute) phone calls

  • 3 weeks of text support (Monday- Friday during business hours)

  • 1 month in the Sleep Success Membership

Decorated Bedroom


You aren’t playing around and need support and guidance to get your child’s sleep on track ASAP. Let me support you through your entire first night of sleep training. That’s right…I’ll be right by your side, in your home, helping you teach your child independent sleep habits. Then allow me to guide you for 3 weeks as you implement your sleep program.

  • Personalized sleep program

  • Live 60-minute sleep program review call

  • In-home overnight support on Night 1 (6:30 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.)

  • Sleep log tracking for naps, bedtimes, and overnights

  • 3 (20-minute) phone calls

  • 3 weeks of text support (Monday-Friday during business hours)

  • 1 month in the Sleep Success Membership

Nursery Room

I purchased the "Plus" Sleep Support

Package (0-4 Months) for my 3 month old baby and I am so thankful I did. Sarah took the time to observe and listen to my concerns for my baby/family. She came to our home to examine baby’s sleep environment to make sure we had all the tools we needed to be successful and created us a custom sleep plan. Through all of this the best part was the troubleshooting, late night calls, text and support because babies don’t care about plans and things happen! (More on Google)

Want to Know more about my in-home sleep support packages?

Here are some of the FAQ's that I receive about home support.

I cover children of all ages, from babies through to school-aged children - so I have extensive experience.

Check them out below but please don't be afraid to get in touch here if you still have questions!.

  • What can I expect when working with you?
    You can expect that your sleep goals will be either achieved or exceeded by the end of 2 weeks together. After I write a personalized sleep program for your child and explain all of the details on a 60-minute virtual call, I will be there to guide you through the process of implementing the program. The level of support you receive will vary depending on which package you choose, however, it is my commitment to be there as your guide, cheerleader, coach, and accountability partner as your child learns the life-long skill of independent sleep.
  • What is included in your sleep programs?
    My sleep programs are all personalized for your individual child and their sleep needs. All programs include, but are not limited to: sleep environment recommendations, schedule changes (accommodations for daycare, sibling pick-ups, etc. are included!), the science of sleep explanation, sleep training method (I teach 4 different methods), behavior modification support, morning time routine, nap troubleshooting, bedtime routine, what to do if they are sick/teething, etc. You will receive a PDF version of the program. All programs included varied levels of follow-up support.
  • This is expensive! Can’t I read a book or use free resources instead of hiring a sleep consultant?
    Sleep is priceless. Your child’s sleep health is priceless. Your mental health and ability to function during that day are priceless. So, if you have already tried to implement a schedule, have a sleep environment, or even tried a sleep training method on your own and are still seeing night wakings, inconsistent naps, and bedtime battles, your child may not be responding well to these one-size-fits-all recommendations. I take the guesswork out of sleep training and provide you with proven practices that will teach your toddler to sleep. I am there to guide you, support you, and feel confident enough to trust the process. You can rest assured that, with your consistency, my sleep plans will help to accomplish your goals.
  • Do you only use the “cry it out” method?
    No! No! No! As a sleep expert, it makes me cringe when I hear the sensationalized term “cry it out” to describe any method used with babies and young children. While most experts (sleep consultants and medical practitioners alike) agree that there is no such thing as a “no cry” sleep solution, I believe no baby or child should just be left alone in their crib to cry. This is not what I consider sleep training. Sleep training is the entire package: the timing of sleep, the amount of sleep, the sleep hygiene, the sleep environment, and the sleep method. I help your family in all of these areas and create a plan that includes the method you are comfortable implementing and that your child responds best to.
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