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Sarah Bossio of Your Zen Baby Sleep in the Media

Updated: 6 days ago

Sarah Bossio, Local Sleep Consultant based in Bergen County, New Jersey

Sarah Bossio is a local sleep consultant based in Essex County, who is trusted by over 350+ families she has supported and is a recognized expert in pediatric behavioral sleep.

Sarah regularly features in local and national publications and was recently interviewed by News12 NJ.

If you would like to book a free 15 minute consultation with a real expert who understands raising a baby in New Jersey - reach out to Sarah by clicking here.

Check out all of Sarah's features below:

Presenting: 2024's "watch" list of 25 people to watch in healthcare (and Sarah is one of them!) This list features healthcare experts who have yet to earn worldwide recognition for their efforts. From doctors to sleep specialists, take a look at this list to get to know the best healthcare providers to watch this year.

Do babies dream? If so, what they might dream about? And do they experience nightmares? This article includes expert insight from Sarah about baby dreams and goes into when they do the most dreaming. Learn whether your newborn may be dreaming, if they have nightmares, and when nightmares may start to pop up as your child's imagination develops.

Learn about various sleep training methods, including both cry-it-out and no-cry options, to help parents teach their babies to sleep independently. The guide covers key aspects such as understanding baby sleep patterns, when to start sleep training, preparing a conducive sleep environment, and tips for successful training, with expert insights from Sarah and other pediatric sleep specialists.

There's a new viral trend where parents place cut limes in their children’s bedrooms to help them sleep through the night. While many parents report success, sleep experts like Sarah Bossio caution that there is no scientific evidence to support this method and recommend focusing on proven sleep strategies and consulting with pediatricians for persistent sleep issues.

Sarah gives expert knowledge on weighted blankets for children, when and how they should be safely used, and offers recommendations on which weighted blanket to get for your child. Learn more about weighted blankets, their benefits, considerations for buying, and get recommendations for various preferences and needs.

Sarah discusses her journey through postpartum depression, her experience as a special education teacher, and her transition to becoming a certified sleep consultant, offering personalized sleep programs for families.

Get the pros and cons on hypoallergenic mattresses, as well as recommendations for sustainable options for sensitive sleepers. Sarah provides insight on how these mattresses help maintain cleanliness and prevent allergens.

In this featured article from, Sarah talks with many experts about various safety protocols to establish with your babysitters. From medical to sleep, read all of the tips below.

What to Expect is a trusted resource for parents expecting a child or raising babies, toddlers, and big kids. Sarah provided her expert feedback on the best toddler clocks and ways to use them effectively in this featured article.

NBC News Select

This article features an interview with Sarah and other renowned pediatric sleep experts, such as Cara from Taking Cara Babies. They discuss their favorite sleep sacks, with links to purchase.

AM New York

Stephanie Waddle of AM New York interviews sleep experts and sleep doctors to recommend many ways to get a better night's sleep. While this article is not focused on child sleep, it is essential for parents to get a good night's rest and gives great suggestions for how to begin.

Authority Magazine

The article features an interview with Sarah, discussing the importance of prioritizing a good night's sleep. Sarah emphasizes the connection between sleep and overall well-being, highlighting the role of quality sleep in promoting physical and mental health. She shares insights and tips on creating a conducive sleep environment for both infants and adults.

Extra Lucky Moms

This article underscores the significance of quality sleep for children with special needs and provides insights on how to improve their sleep patterns. Emphasizing the potential challenges faced by parents in this context, Sarah offers practical tips and strategies to create a supportive sleep environment tailored to the unique needs of children with special requirements, ultimately promoting better overall health and well-being.

News 12 NJ

This video from News 12 New Jersey highlights resources available for parents during Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month. Sarah educates and emphasizes the importance of safe sleep practices for infants.

Talli Baby

This blog post offers five practical tips to help parents achieve longer 

stretches of sleep for their newborns. Sarah covers various aspects, including establishing a consistent sleep routine, creating a conducive sleep environment, and understanding newborn sleep patterns, providing actionable advice for improving the overall sleep quality for both infants and parents.

Bloomberg News

The Bloomberg newsletter provides insights and practical advice on how to make 

travel manageable and enjoyable for families, offering tips on preparation, managing disruptions, and ensuring a smooth travel experience with kids. Sarah  provides rules of thumb for prioritizing, but not agonizing, over sleep on vacation.

Montclair Local

The article reports on the partnership between Montclair B.A.B.Y. and Your Zen 

Baby Sleep, highlighting their collaboration to support children and newborns. Sarah discusses the importance of sleep in newborns and toddlers, and the benefits of a good night’s  sleep,  including the ability  to regulate emotions and improve focus.

A Little Help For Our Friends Podcast

In this podcast, the host, Kibby McMahon shares her personal journey with 

postpartum depression, including struggles with her new role and identity as a parent and with sleep deprivation. Kibby credits Sarah and their work together  to help sleep train her baby as a huge step in her recovery.

Love After Lullabies Podcast

During this candid interview, Sarah has the opportunity to talk with hosts 

Miranda and Aaron about her journey to becoming a sleep consultant. Sarah 

honestly discusses how she navigated her own sleep training journey with her 

husband (who was initially NOT on board!) and how it benefited her family.

Sarah also discusses  how she can help parents with colicky babies and the importance 

of treating each baby as an individual and adjusting methods/styles with each 


Bergen Mom’s Network

In this article Sarah  outlines different scenarios for sleep training at various 

ages, emphasizing the importance of recognizing when a family's sleep situation 

is no longer serving them.

Sarah provides insights into sleep training methods 

tailored to different age groups, emphasizing the significance of consistency, 

routines, and a supportive sleep environment.

US News and World Reports

In this article Sarah suggests the best mattresses (both for the crib and big kid bed) as well as sheets for 2024. Suggestions for products across various budgets are provided and considerations for sleep quality are included.

Jersey's Best

Sarah was featured in Jersey's Best quarterly magazine- head over to page 85. She talks about the best practices for sleep training and getting your baby and toddler's sleep in order.

Canvas Rebel

"We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Sarah Bossio. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Sarah below..." Meet Sarah Bossio

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